EverFood's philosphy

We at EverFood create products derived from once living animals. The final product reflects the value of that life. We believe that "eating" is a source of joy, fun, and vital energy. Some people eat delicious things or high nutritional value meals for health or medical reasons. On the other hand, there are people who, because of an allergy or religious reasons, cannot eat certain kinds of food. We at EverFood give our best to develop and provide products that serve a wide variety of people.


There are two ways to cure meat: "wet curing", and "dry curing". Most factories in Japan use wet curing, as it makes for easier mass manufacturing. At EverFood, we use the traditional European method of dry curing for all of our cured meats. This method involves rubbing salt and spices by hand onto the meat. We follow the same production method as those European masters, who were not afraid of spending time and energy for their products.

Development of original products

EverFood manufactures low-sodium products for people who are concerned about their own health. In Italy and Spain, cured meat contains anything from 8 to 10% of salt, but our products only contain as little as 2%. This makes it easier for them to be paired with other ingredients and enjoyed in a variety of situations. In Italy and Spain cured meat is eaten in thin slices, but our products can also be enjoyed diced or minced.

About goods distribution

We own several special production units to provide meat cut in the way which best fulfills the needs of our customers. We suggest the "block" products for people who enjoy cooking. For customers who cannot or do not want to cook, our factory has specialized rooms where the meat is sliced, cubed, and cut in any other shape that the customer may desire.

Company name
EverFood Co., Ltd
January 2007
¥9,000,000 (as of July 2018)
CEO Masaki Kurahashi
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HQ office
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