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We believe that "eating" is a source of joy, fun, and vital energy. Some people eat delicious things or high nutritional value meals for health or medical reasons. On the other hand, there are people who, because of an allergy or religious reasons, cannot eat certain kinds of food. We at EverFood give our best to develop and provide products that serve a wide variety of people.


dry cured Wagyu beef


Carnejo derives from the Spanish "Carne," which means meat and "Jamón," which means ham. It's a Wagyu ham that EverFood developed. We provide meat products made using carefully selected ingredients, such as dry cred Wagyu beef ham and chicken ham,
to hotels, restaurants, traditional Japanese eateries and so on.


Carnejo (dry cured Wagyu beef) carefully and created through a traditional Spanish process

Carnejo (dry cured Wagyu beef) is made by carefully rubbing salt on the meet, a traditional manufacturing process known as salt-drying. It is an exclusive Japanese food with a deep flavor and a slightly smokey aroma.

Carnejo manufacturing process

  • Salting

    After carefully inspecting each slice of beef, salt, pepper, spices, and nitrites are rubbed in by hand. After the dry rub, the beef is stored in a refrigerator for at least five days, where, while being flipped every day, it has time to be penetrated by the salt all the way to the center.

  • Cold smoking

    Beech chips are used to create smoke in a smoking chamber kept between 17 and 20°C. Stabilizing the surface's dryness, the smoke's concentration, the smoking time, and all other factors is important to achieve a reliable quality.

  • Aging

    After being smoked, the meat spends a fixed amount of time at a fixed temperature in an aging chamber. This is where the difference between good meat and bad meat is made. In our factory, we have a special aging chamber that can even control the moisture level. By letting the meat age after the cold smoking, the proteins inside it are turned into amino acids which then undergo lactic fermentation to achieve the aroma typical of cured meat. In Spain, the main producer of cured meat, this aging process can last up to three years for some products.


It pairs really well with a variety of ingredients because of the low salt concentration

EverFood's dry cured Wagyu beef can pair with other ingredients in a lot of different ways. Thanks to its low salt content, it can be enjoyed with ingredients from all seasons and from both Western and Japanese cuisines.


Salt content

Removing part
of the salt to
decrease its amount
is a process
unique to Japan.




The average cured
meat in Europe has
about 8 to 10%
salt content.

(The data for our Carnejo has been obtained within our company, while that for other products has been obtained from the standard tables of food composition)


Using carefully selected domestically produced "Kuroge" brand beef

As meats with low moisture and whose fat melts at low temperature are ideal for being cured, we mainly use thigh and sirloin cuts.

The characteristics of domestically produced "Kuroge" beef

"Kuroge" beef, a product that Japan exports throughout the world with pride, has a good balance of muscle and fat. A luxurious aroma and melty texture are the main characteristics of "Kuroge" beef.


Guaranteed quality from a certified factory

We strive to keep our products safe by following the production guidelines from the "non-heat-sterilized meat products" chapter of the Food Sanitation Act, the operational standard for Japan, and by manufacturing our products in a "HACCP" certified factory, which is the global standard for food safety.

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