This privacy policy establishes the policies that EverFood Co., Ltd. adheres to when handling the personal information or any related information of visitors (hereinafter referred to as “visitors”) to our site (https://everfood.co.jp; hereinafter referred to as the “site”) for all of the site’s services, such as the provision of information and receiving various inquiries.

  1. Basic Policy

    We acknowledge the importance of personal information and consider it our social responsibility to protect personal information. We observe laws and regulations regarding personal information, and properly obtain, uses, and manages personal information handled by the site. The information collected by the site is handled appropriately within the scope of its usage purposes.

  2. Range of Application

    This privacy policy will only be applied to the site.

  3. Acquisition and Usage Purposes of Personal Information

    The usage purposes, retention period, and other guidelines for visitors' personal information acquired by the site are as follows:

    1. Acquisition of Personal Information from Visitors' Contact Form Entries

      When a visitor makes an inquiry using our contact form (https://everfood.co.jp/contact/), the following personal information that the visitor has entered in the contact form is acquired:

      • The visitor's name (HN) entered in the contact form
      • The visitor's e-mail address entered in the contact form
      • The content of the inquiry entered in the contact form
      1. Usage Purposes

        We use visitors' personal information acquired from their contact form entries to respond to inquiries and manage visitors. By retaining information on inquiries from visitors, we are able to provide our visitors with more precise support, based on their past history of inquiries, when the same visitor makes subsequent inquiries. Also, we may refer to an inquiry made by a visitor in our site.

      2. Retention Period

        Personal information that has been entered in the contact form is retained for 3 years.

      3. Consent for Acquisition of Personal Information

        Before visitors submit inquiries using the contact form, we ask them to read our privacy policy. When an inquiry is made, we assume that the visitor has consented to our privacy policy.

    2. Acquisition of Personal Information Using Cookies

      When a visitor visits a website, a cookie saves the visitor's usage history, entered content, and other information sent and received between the browser and the server as a file on the visitor’s computer.

      1. Usage Purposes

        We use visitors' personal information acquired using cookies to make our site more user-friendly for visitors to browse. By using information from cookies, the page operator can change the display for each visitor for subsequent visits to the same page. To take a familiar situation as an example: a screen asking the user to enter the login password appears when accessing a site for the first time, but does not appear for subsequent visits to the same site—this is due to cookies. A website can obtain cookie keys from the visitor’s browser if the visitor's browser settings allow the transmission and reception of cookies. However, to protect the visitor's privacy, the visitor’s browser will only send cookies that have been sent or received by that particular website./p>

      2. Retention Period

        Cookies for comments left on the site will be retained for 1 year (The default setting for WordPress is to retain cookies for comments for 1 year.).

      3. Acquisition of Cookie Information by a Third Party

        In cases where advertisements delivered by third parties such as Google or Yahoo! are posted on the site, the third party may acquire and use the visitor’s cookie or other information. Cookie information and other information acquired by a third party will be handled according to the privacy policy of the said third party.

      4. Stopping Third-Party Usage of Cookie Information to Deliver Advertisements

        Visitors can stop a third party from using their cookie information and other information to deliver advertisements, by accessing the opt-out page within the said third party's website (which stops the provision of personal information to a third party).

      5. Allowing or Denying the Transmission and Reception of Cookie Information

        For settings regarding the transmission and reception of cookies, visitors can select from options such as “allow all cookies,” “deny all cookies,” and “notify the user when a cookie is received.” Methods for changing the settings will vary for each browser. To find out how to change settings regarding cookies, visitors are advised to go to the “Help” menu of the browser in use. Please note that the use of various online services may be restricted if the setting to deny all cookies is selected. For example, visitors may become unable to receive services that require authentication.

  4. Management of Personal Information

    Regarding the management of information provided by visitors, the site will thoroughly ensure the following:

    1. Ensuring the Accuracy of Information

      We will endeavor to ensure that information provided by visitors is constantly accurate and up-to-date.

    2. Safety Control Measures

      We protect visitors' personal information in connection with the site by enforcing appropriate security measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

    3. Disposal of Personal Information

      We will promptly dispose of personal information if it becomes unnecessary.

    4. Disclosure, Revision, Addition, Deletion, and Stoppage of Use of Personal Information

      We will respond promptly to visitors' requests to disclose, revise, add, delete, or stop the use of their own personal information, after confirming the identity of the visitor. For requests for any of the above actions, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

      E-mail Address:post※everfood.co.jp(Please replace ※ with @)

  5. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

    We will not provide personal information provided by visitors to a third party without the consent of the visitor. Should we feel the need to provide personal information to a third party in the future, we will inform the visitor concerned of the information to be provided, the purpose of the provision, and other necessary information in advance, and will provide the information to the said third party only when the visitor has consented.

  6. Personal Information of Minors

    Consent from a person with parental authority is strictly required if a minor is making an inquiry using the contact form on the site. When we receive comments or inquiries from a minor through the contact form, we assume that the person with parental authority has consented to the our privacy policy.

  7. Contact Information

    For inquiries regarding the site or the handling of personal information, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

    Site Operator: Masaki Kurahashi
    E-mail Address:post※everfood.co.jp(Please replace ※ with @)

  8. Web Analytics Tools

    The site uses “Google Analytics,” which is a web analytics tool from Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect web traffic information. Since the web traffic information is collected anonymously, it is not personally identifiable. Google Analytics’ cookies are retained for 26 months. The collection of this information can be denied by disabling cookies, so please check the settings for the browser in use. Please click here to check the terms of use for Google Analytics. Furthermore, please click here to find out about data usage by Google when a user uses Google partner sites and apps.

  9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    We endeavor to observe Japanese laws and regulations regarding personal information and will review the content of this privacy policy as appropriate to make improvements. The updated and revised privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.

  10. Established: September 1st, 2018
    Revised: September 1st, 2018